1/4 Scale Western Reserve Homestead Log Cabin $4200.00

1/4 Scale Western Reserve Homestead Log Cabin $4200.00

Hand-Crafted ¼ Scale Western Reserve Homestead Log Cabin

This one-of-a-kind ¼ scale Western Reserve homestead log cabin will enhance any park or yard. It can have many uses (dog house, play house, well-head cover, eye-catching, useful lawn ornament/storage unit) and be passed down through the generations. The logs, once live trees fallen from a micro-burst, were weathered for years, de-barked, hand-sawed and hatched to fit. The cabin also features redwood gable-end clap board siding, beech trennels, spruce purlins, and western red cedar rakes, fascia, window jams, and entry door. Redwood knobs, turn-buttons and vintage Stanley sweet-heart hinges highlight the openable window sashes having pre-20’s wavy glass. The Z cleated entry door functions with an old salvaged sash latch and pre-World War II screen door hinges. The roof system consists of spruce rafters ½ lapped and double pinned at the ridge (European style) and is covered with Hunter Green steel metal roofing. 100-160 year-old salvaged wrought-cut nails (some pre-Civil War) and chinking applied with a mortar bag keep the classic quaintness. Skids made from creosote pressure-treated yellow pine (once telephone poles) make it easily moveable so you can just “Skid it out of here!”


Dimensions: 5 feet W x 6 feet L x 5 feet H


Price: $5,200 plus shipping and handling (and taxes if Ohio resident)


Contact Tam with inquiries at polzersprojects1@gmail.com

It all started when some trees fell down during a windfall (or an alien invasion). They were cut, de-barked and stacked to dry. (This is only some of the wood in this photo). Then a skid was made to make it easy to “Just skid it outta here!” when the project was done. A jig was made to cradle each log as it was honed to fit to perfection. Then the building began. See photos below.

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