Grid Work Pine Stand (Compliments Wine Rack) $500.00

Grid Work Pine Stand (Compliments Wine Rack) $500.00

Hand-Crafted Salvaged Pine Wood Stand with Grid Work (Compliments Wine Rack and Authentic Rustic 3-Draw Unit)

Each stand featuring beautiful grid work and unique leg angles was built with pine wood (circa 1950) destined for the burn pile but luckily salvaged from a homestead in Leroy, Ohio. It can be a unique end table/stand on its own or a perfect complimentary base for the authentic rustic 3- drawer unit matching the wine racks.


Dimensions: 17 5/8 inches W x 9 3/4 inches H x 15 1/2 inches D



Weight: 15 lbs.



Price: $500.00 each plus shipping/handling (and taxes is you’re an Ohio resident)


See Complimentary Wine Racks and 3-Drawer Units


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