Authentic Rustic 3-Drawer Bin Unit with Steel Pulls $400.00

Authentic Rustic 3-Drawer Bin Unit with Steel Pulls $400.00


Re-Purposed Authentic Rustic 3-Drawer Bin Unit

with 1/2 Moon Stamp Steel Pulls

Each of the only two rustic bin units is utilitarian, structurally sound, and visually pleasing. Tin/led drawer units circa 1940 (most likely once holding latches, catches, etc. from Lake County Sheet Metal) were rescued from a dumpster from Blackmore’s Lock Shop, Painesville, Ohio and can hold documents, envelopes, trinkets, etc. Rather than using mechanical hardware, Bob created the drawers’ sides and glides using Douglas Fir salvaged from the Lake Erie Equestrian Center Water Tower in Kirtland, Ohio. The wood for the box and carcass reclaimed from a Painesville, Ohio house circa 1956 complete the piece. Currently, I’m using these units to organize by bills.


Dimensions:  17 5/8 W X 15 ½ D X 9 ¾ H


Weight: 25 lbs


Price: $400.00 each plus shipping/handling (and taxes if Ohio resident)


*This 3-drawer unit sits perfectly on this stand displaying beautiful grid work which compliments the wine rack w/ drawer. Only two base units, two three-drawer units and two wine racks were built, due to material availability.




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