Re-Purposed Wine Rack Wall Unit with Drawer (2) $1100.00

Re-Purposed Wine Rack Wall Unit with Drawer (2) $1100.00

Hand-Crafted Vintage Wine Rack w/ Drawer

Re-Purposed from Turn-of-the-Century Crate (2)


Wine Rack Description: This eye-catching wine-rack creation is re-purposed and refined from remnants of a Pinto Porto wine crate and holds three bottles and three glasses, has a drawer for a wine opener, etc., and top shelf to set more glasses. (Crate was bought by great-grandfather in New York to celebrate coming to America from southern Austria. The complimentary piece below is its mirror image.



Dimensions: 20 5/8 inches H x 34 1/2 inches L x 6 1/8 inches D


Weight: Coming soon


Price: $1,100.00 plus shipping/handling (and taxes if you’re an Ohio resident)


See Complimentary Authentic Rustic 3-Drawer Units and Base/Stands with Grid-Work.





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