Re-Purposed Wine Rack Wall Unit with Drawer (1) reduced from $1100 to $935.00

Re-Purposed Wine Rack Wall Unit with Drawer (1) reduced from $1100 to $935.00

Hand-Crafted Vintage Wine Rack w/Drawer

Re-Purposed from Turn-of-the-Century Crate

 Wine Rack Description: This eye-catching wine-rack creation is re-purposed and refined from remnants of a Pinto Porto wine crate and holds three bottles and three glasses, has a drawer for a wine opener, etc., and top shelf to set more glasses. (Crate was bought by great-grandfather in New York to celebrate coming to America from southern Austria). The complimentary piece below is its mirror image.



Dimensions: 20 5/8 inches H x 34 1/2 inches L x 6 1/8 inches D


Weight: coming soon


Price: $1,100.00 plus shipping/handling (and taxes if you’re an Ohio resident)


See Complimentary Authentic Rustic 3-Drawer Units and Base/Stands with Grid-Work below.




Complimentary Re-Purposed Authentic 3-Drawer

Bin Unit with ½ Moon Stamp Steel Pulls

Description: This complimentary rustic 3-drawer bin unit with ½ moon stamp steel pulls is utilitarian, structurally sound, and visually pleasing. Tin/led drawer units circa 1940 (most likely once holding latches, catches, etc. from Lake County Sheet Metal) were rescued from a dumpster from Blackmore Lock Shop, Painesville, Ohio and can hold documents, envelopes, trinkets, etc. Rather than using mechanical hardware, Bob created the drawers’ sides and glides using Douglas Fir salvaged from the Lake Erie Equestrian Center Water Tower in Kirtland, Ohio. The wood for the box and carcass reclaimed from a Painesville, Ohio house circa 1956 complete the piece.


Dimensions:  17 5/8 W X 15 ½ D X 9 ¾ H


Price: Coming soon


Re-Purposed Vintage Pine Wood Base


Description: The complimentary 3-drawer unit sits perfectly on this stand displaying beautiful grid work built with pine wood once destined for the burn pile but luckily salvaged from a homestead in Leroy, Ohio circa 1950.


Dimensions: Coming soon


Price: Coming soon

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