Nature’s Way Journaling

Nature’s Way Journaling

Relax, Reflect, and Write

Interested in calming your mind, awakening the creative spirit within, and allowing your words to freely flow? If so, plan to relax, reflect and write about the various seasons of your life in this unique and inspiring multi-media journaling experience. I will help remind you where you’ve been, ponder where you are, and prompt you to imagine where you want to be by guiding you on your personal journaling journey.


Middle school children through senior citizens who want to relax, reflect, rediscover their voice, and write in any genre will benefit from this journaling presentation. Handouts of breathing techniques and writing prompts are provided and used during the presentation and a journaling/writing book list is given to encourage attendees to explore journaling at home.


My goals are to help people relax and reflect in order to explore their memories, hopes, and dreams in this facilitated, interactive, yet meditative presentation.  I begin by guiding attendees to relax with breathing exercises. They next listen to/view my thought-provoking narratives about nature enhanced with photos and sounds in a beautiful power point presentation. They are given many choices of writing prompts to accompany the themes in each piece. Upon reflecting, they may write whatever they want (in any shape or form) in their journals and share (if interested).


Attendees should bring a paper notebook or laptop and writing tool.

                                           Future Presentations:

Local Writers Fair: Chardon Library 1-3  October 13, 1-3 p.m.

W.O.W. Workshop (Writer’s on Writing) Chardon Library, Chardon, Ohio October 13, 1-3

Nature’s Way Journaling: Chardon Library, Chardon, Ohio, October 15,  7 pm

Book Signing Party for Reflections from the Wild Side: Rider’s Inn, Painesville, Ohio 5 pm. Open Mic at 7:30

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