Reflections from the Wilde Side $18.00/5.99 on Amazon

Reflections from the Wilde Side $18.00/5.99 on Amazon

    Have you been affected by any of the following?  Mental Illness? Addiction? Spirituality? Ghosts? Relationships?

    If so, you’ll enjoy this eclectic collection of poetry and prose. 

     Kt., Leo, Aries, and Lavender Wilde could be members of any family, because mental illness and addiction have an insidious way of weaving a complex web into the lives of even the most sophisticated, brilliant, and talented people. Both life usurpers always leave their mark, a lingering scar. 

       One way K.t. Wilde copes with the craziness is by writing. Through her eclectic collection of poems, reflections, conversations, letters, journal entries, and songs, she shares what it’s like to be caught and held hostage in a complicated web. She presents perspectives from multiple people and helps the reader realize he or she is not fighting alone.

       Most importantly, K.t. shows there’s hope, despite all odds, because she believes that when people weave a tapestry using love and light, they can always leave their positive mark as a gift to the world. It’s what we all must do on this journey called life.

      Available on Amazon!

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