About Bob

Reclaim the Good ‘Ol Days . . .

when things were structurally sound and visually pleasing, when furniture was built to last and could be passed down from one generation to the next because highly-skilled craftsmen cared about the quality of their work. Reclaim those days with Bob Polzer.

Bob's Philosophy:
Structurally Sound;
Visually Pleasing.

That’s how Bob builds things. Whether it’s a table, a slant top desk, a jewelry box, or a vanity (the list goes on and on), Bob designs his projects with hand-selected wood to match the style, form and function needed. Whether it’s the walnut tree from his front yard or the wormy chestnut boards he acquired from an out-building in West Virginia, he masterfully creates one-of-a-kind pieces of functional art. So, if integrity and beauty are important to you, you’ll appreciate Bob’s eye for design in each eclectic, carefully hand-crafted creation.


Bob has been an artisan/craftsman since he was a young man, having the best mentors he could imagine. He helped renovate President Garfield’s 120 year old cabin, designed and renovated two of his own homes, and worked on everything from mansions, store fronts and old barns, to outhouses, children’s wooden toys and custom furniture. Some projects include huge doors for a fire station, leaded glass windows for realtor, Sterling Bryson, in North Carolina, homes on South Bass Island in Put-n-Bay and the store front of Joughin Hardware in Painesville, Ohio. He’s owned his own carpentry business for over 35 years, and he knows just enough about all of all of the trades to be dangerous.


Bob believes if the things he builds are taken care of as they should, they could be passed down throughout the generations as an heirloom and last 200 years. Bob’s attitude is “Even if I’m dead and gone, come dig me up and I’ll fix it because I’m sure I’ll be rolling around in my grave anyways if there’s a problem!”