Rust in Peace

Rust in Peace

Rust in Peace

We decided to put her down today,

my 1998 Honda CR-V.

Larry and Mike at Metro Fleet

gave her less than three months a year ago, but knowing we couldn’t bear to let her go,

brought her back to life over and over to give us more time with her on the road.

They cut her open, replaced broken parts, performed intricate surgery,

and plugged and wired and clamped her back together and said:

“We did the best we could do.”

And they did.

She lived.

In fact she thrived even though she always stayed outside.

But she didn’t mind. She was tough.

Fire engine red, willing and ready to roll.

But it came to the point where

she couldn’t hold her fluids in

to do their thing

and her engine whined rather than sing.

Larry and Mike could have operated again,

but we all stopped to ask:

How long do we keep putting her through this?

Is it time for a DNR?

Yes. It was time. For no more surgeries, no more fluids,

no more worrying if she’d be safe on the road to go that far.

We decided to put her down with dignity, in the junkyard,

where she could donate parts, good for her soul,

where she could rust in peace with friends–

and we could let her go.

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