Writing and Woodworking

Writing and Woodworking

Blog #1

Polzersprojects.com is a seedling, as am I, in this new endeavor. Coming from old school philosophy and facing new age technology challenges me. Yet, I plan to do what I can to help upright seedlings grow. So, in this first blog, I’d like to share my little poem about the similarities of writing and woodworking, so you can see why it’s not so crazy for such different things to share the same website.


 Writing and Woodworking

Both begin with planted seeds
and end up/on recycled trees.
Designed with purpose,
and style in mind,
they’re roughed in,
built up, cut, refined.

Bob’s goal for each piece is to be
structurally sound
and visually pleasing.

I strive for heart-felt pieces,
real, and worthy of reading.


P.S. Before I read this to my husband to hear some feedback, he said, “You said this is a blog. What’s a blog? It sounds to me like something you’d find in your shorts the morning after a hard night of drinking Jack Daniels and eating Taco Bell …” See what I’m talking about being old school?


Thank’s for your regard, and as always, keep smiling. ~ Tam e.

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